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Discover the world of crypto and get closer to the most advanced technologies in modern life!

This course contains
  • How to open a Binance account
  • What cryptocurrencies are
  • The unlimited possibilities of the market
  • Things you should not do
  • Top 1-5 cryptocurrencies
  • How to safely transfer cryptocurrencies
  • How to check all transaction parameters
  • Why do you need a test payment
  • Safe crypto apps that you can use
  • Top 5-10 cryptocurrencies
  • Benefits and disadvantages of linear charts
  • Main benefits of Japanese Candlestick charts
  • More about graphic figures on charts
  • Trends and Channels
  • Top 10-15 cryptocurrencies
  • Advantages of trading via broker
  • Advantages of exchange trading
  • Available markets for trading via broker
  • Where is better to trade and where is better to invest
  • The concept of leverage and margin trading
  • Top 15-20 cryptocurrencies
  • Which resource is the main resource for the crypto assets choice
  • What are key parameters of cryptocurrencies
  • How to understand btc domination correctly
  • Learn how to choose trading\investing instruments
  • See a portfolio example from our experts
  • Top 20-25 cryptocurrencies
  • Where you can store your coins
  • Advantages and disadvantages of storing coins on exchanges
  • Storing coins in cold wallets
  • Custodial and non-custodial online wallets
  • What is a seed-phrase and its significance
  • Top 25-30 cryptocurrencies
  • What 80% of your success depends on
  • Why psychology is the investor’s main friend
  • What can radically improve and worse trading
  • What character features a trader / investor need to pay attention to
  • Which money management rules should be applied on market
  • Top 30-35 cryptocurrencies
  • Consider three options for an investment portfolio
  • Find out which cryptocurrencies belong to the first, second and third echelons of reliability
  • Compose your own portfolio based on time-tested mathematical methods
  • We will play 1 Ether among course participants
  • Top 35-40 cryptocurrencies

Meet the experts

Our worldwide experts are excellent professionals with years of experience in trading, cryptocurrencies and finances
Ludoberto Bravo
Algorithmic Trader & Scalper

Ludo is an analyst and algorithmic strategy developer with over 8 years of experience in the financial markets and a track record of success in executing algorithmic trades in various markets

He designs effective trading strategies, optimising returns and minimising risks

In addition, he develops Trading Bots, to automate operations and maximise profits

Trader & Crypto Expert

Liam is an educator specialised in Cryptocurrencies and Trading with more than 5 years in the financial markets. He is a fundamental analyst and follower of the Value Investing approach to the stock market

Graduated in Economics and Finance, he is also a successfull content creator with + 500k likes and + 5M views in a community of 100k followers on Instagram and TikTok

Trader & Crypto Expert
Vlad has more than 17 years in the trading world and a decade operating with cryptocurrencies. He has implemented over 30 mining projects and created numerous cryptocurrency wallets for his clients.
He is the author of 10 courses on trading and investments and has been a speaker in more than 6,000 webinars.
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