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Discover the world of crypto and get closer to the most advanced technologies in modern life!

This course contains
  • How to open a Binance account
  • What cryptocurrencies are
  • The unlimited possibilities of the market
  • Things you should not do
  • Top 1-5 cryptocurrencies
  • How to safely transfer cryptocurrencies
  • How to check all transaction parameters
  • Why do you need a test payment
  • Safe crypto apps that you can use
  • Top 5-10 cryptocurrencies
  • Benefits and disadvantages of linear charts
  • Main benefits of Japanese Candlestick charts
  • More about graphic figures on charts
  • Trends and Channels
  • Top 10-15 cryptocurrencies
  • Advantages of trading via broker
  • Advantages of exchange trading
  • Available markets for trading via broker
  • Where is better to trade and where is better to invest
  • The concept of leverage and margin trading
  • Top 15-20 cryptocurrencies
  • Which resource is the main resource for the crypto assets choice
  • What are key parameters of cryptocurrencies
  • How to understand btc domination correctly
  • Learn how to choose trading\investing instruments
  • See a portfolio example from our experts
  • Top 20-25 cryptocurrencies
  • Where you can store your coins
  • Advantages and disadvantages of storing coins on exchanges
  • Storing coins in cold wallets
  • Custodial and non-custodial online wallets
  • What is a seed-phrase and its significance
  • Top 25-30 cryptocurrencies
  • What 80% of your success depends on
  • Why psychology is the investor’s main friend
  • What can radically improve and worse trading
  • What character features a trader / investor need to pay attention to
  • Which money management rules should be applied on market
  • Top 30-35 cryptocurrencies
  • Consider three options for an investment portfolio
  • Find out which cryptocurrencies belong to the first, second and third echelons of reliability
  • Compose your own portfolio based on time-tested mathematical methods
  • We will play 1 Ether among course participants
  • Top 35-40 cryptocurrencies

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Our worldwide experts are excellent professionals with years of experience in trading, cryptocurrencies and finances
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